Python library GZIP compression. Overheads?

I’ve just tried enabling gzip compression (as per this) on the Python influxdbclient package and it seems to cause an overhead on the server.

client = InfluxDBClient(url=influx_client_url, token=influx_client_token, org=influx_client_org, verify_ssl=False, enable_gzip=True)

There wasn’t a noticeable increase in processor or memory but once enabled Grafana dashboard queries seem to freeze or take a long time to complete.

Is there much of an overhead added when this option is enabled? Obviously the impact of this will depend on the underlying infrastructure…

InfluxDB v2.7.1
Influxdb-client v1.36.1
Python v3.9.2
Grafana 10.0.3

Hello @olliecampbell,
I’m not entirely sure, but maybe @bednar can help?
I wasn’t aware that it would cause overhead.

As far as I know, the gzip function doesn’t cause server overhead. It’s useful for reducing network overhead, and the server can easily handle it.