Pulling Data from Bigquery

Strangely - I am able to push InfluxData to BigQuery, but influx errors out when I’m trying to pull data.

Notably - Errors are quite unhelpful.

panic: runtime error: index out of range [0] with length 0

I assume means the query is returning 0 rows however when I run it in Bigquery, I get around 12 rows (a test table).

Playing around with different things I also get “an internal error has occured”. which doesn’t give me much to go on.

Querying through chronograph or api via postman makes no difference.

Here’s an example query.

import "sql"
   driverName: "bigquery",
   dataSourceName: "bigquery://xxxxxxxxx/US?credentials=ewogICJ0easdaXcnZasdasdWNjb3....",
   query: "SELECT * FROM `xxx.Full_L12H` LIMIT 10",

*Credentials is a base 64 conversion of the service account JSON. With correct permissions settings (AFAIK)

Just to add to this. I think it would be helpful to provide details of the permissions needed on Google’s side, and the setup of Service Accounts etc. I’m not sure what the issue is with my particular instance (Influx Cloud on AWS) but nothing I’ve done can get data to pull from BigQuery - which presents a real and significant stumbling block for the work we’re doing.

It would also be useful if the errors returned were more explanatory - do they come from the influx side, or the google side, is there any more detail that can be provided?

Hello @Timmwardion,
Unfortunately, Flux isn’t being developed further.
Here are the docs for this which I’m sure you’ve seen but just in case you haven’t

it looks like the data source name is a little different in the docs then what you have.

I don’t see error messaging being improved upon unfornately.