Problems with tags in JSON data from an HTTP request in an InfluxDB using Telegraf


Help. I am trying to store the JSON data from an HTTP request in an InfluxDB using Telegraf.
I get all the numeric data, but I cant seem to get the string data, or set any tags ?

I am reading JSON from various IoT devices running an open source firmware called Tasmota.
The status is retrieve via HTTP like this: http://temp03.local/cm?cmnd=status%200

Here’s a sample of the JSON output:

    "Status": {
        "Module": 0,
        "DeviceName": "Temp03",
		"FriendlyName": [
        "ButtonTopic": "0",
        "Power": 0,
        "LedState": 1,
        "SensorRetain": 0,
        "PowerRetain": 0
    "StatusNET": {
        "Hostname": "temp03-1234",
        "IPAddress": "",
        "Gateway": ""

Here is my telegraf config:

  urls = ["http://temp03.local/cm?cmnd=status%200"]
  data_format = "json"
  json_query = ""
  tag_keys = ["Hostname"]
  json_string_fields = ["DeviceName","FriendlyName"]
  name_override = "tasmota"

I was expecting this :


but I get this :

InfluxDB shell version: 1.8.3
> use tasmota
Using database tasmota
> show series

I know I can get rid of the host and url tags with:
tagexclude = [“url”, “host”]

But why isnt the hostname=temp03-1234 tag there ?
I have tried :
tag_keys = [“Hostname”]
tag_keys = [“hostname”]
tag_keys = [“Status.Hostname”]
tag_keys = [“Status_Hostname”]
but none of those options work. I cant seem to get any tags included.

Secondly, none of the string based fields are in the database. Specifically I added json_string_fields=[“DeviceName”,“FriendlyName”] but I only have numeric data in the database.
Again I’ve tried
json_string_fields = [“DeviceName”]
json_string_fields = [“Status.DeviceName”]

Any pointers please?

influx --version InfluxDB shell version: 1.8.3 telegraf --version
Telegraf 1.16.3 (git: HEAD c7f21728)




Hi Jon,

Firstly, your JSON has an extra }, but this is probably because you edited it by hand.

What you want is:

  tag_keys = ["StatusNET_Hostname"]
  json_string_fields = ["Status_DeviceName","Status_FriendlyName_0"]

I hope this helps,


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