Problem with writing emogi with special

There is a problem when saving some emoticon strings to influxDB and it fails.
Examples that actually occurred are as follows: :walking_woman:t3::man_walking:t3:These two emoticons have the special property of being combined.
:walking_woman:t3:= โ€œ\uD83D\uDEB6\uD83C\uDFFC\u200Dโ€‹:female_sign:\uFE0Fโ€
:man_walking:t3:= โ€œ\uD83D\uDEB6\uD83C\uDFFC\u200Dโ€‹:male_sign:\uFE0Fโ€

Over here, because of "โ€˜200Dโ€™ โ†’ Zero Width Joiner " seems to NOT be supported by influxDB.
We could consider parsing and replacing before saving, but would like to avoid this method for performance reasons.

Is there are way to solve this?