Problem connecting to influxdb cloud


I’m trying connect my Fibaro to InfluxDB cloud:

How I defined:

I have for port 80:
[ERROR] sendDataToInfluxDB2 - Status is ERR - Status - 308 Data:

for port 8086:
[ERROR] sendDataToInfluxDB2 - Connection ERR - Connection timed out Data

What am i doing wrong?

Hi @tomek,
I personally haven’t used Fibaro but hopefully, we can help you get this working. Could you try adding: to IP
Port: 80 should be fine but you can also try 443

You could also try orgID or org name. I am not sure how this was implemented by FIBARO but if they are using the standard API it should work for cloud

Thank you, but it doesn’t work.

With and port 443 I have
sendDataToInfluxDB2 - Status is ERR - Status - 400 Data

and with and port 443 I have:
Error in sendDataToInfluxDB2: std::runtime_error: ‘Invalid argument’

Hi @tomek,
It sadly sounds like an issue FIBARO needs to sort out since it doesn’t look like I can actively contribute