Possibility to store the data into influxDB through telegraf based on condition like if timestamp and level is same we need to restrict storing into InfluxDB

As per my requirement I need to store the data into influxDB based on timestamp and level using telegraf.

Example: For one action like Incorrect password the system is generating multiple logs with the same time, same level and different description(see the image). Is their any possibility of Pattern to restrict this at the place of telegraf storing into influxDB.

My case I have used [[inputs.tail]] plugin and see the image that how the logs are coming for a single action(Incorrect Password).


Kindly provide the solution/suggestions for it ASAP…Thanks in Advance

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Please give the solution for it any body Knows.

Or else if any body Didn’t understand please let me to clarify.

Have you tried using the grok parser? You could match the lines you desire and telegraf will create metrics from them.

May i know the difference between ** [[inputs.tail]] plugin** and grok pattern @glinton