Plugin http_response with http_proxy support?


Hi, I’m trying to setup URL testing (same URL) through different http proxies

I’ve can see the master branch on github supports the plugin http_response with http_proxy config var

I was using the below version

Telegraf v1.5.3 (git: release-1.5 1e519698)

But have also tried the nightly build

Telegraf v1.6.0~a320f915 (git: master a320f915)

Even on V1.6.0 I still get the error

telegraf[1152]: 2018/03/30 13:30:40 E! Error parsing /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/dan.conf, line 13: field corresponding tohttp_proxy’ is not defined in *http_response.HTTPResponse'

Any ideas on which telegraf version supports this ?


This was a bug in the development branch, I’ve fixed it and the nightly should be updated if you can retest. You can also use the normal http_proxy environment variables in version 1.5, on Linux platforms just put something like this in /etc/default/telegraf:


Hi thanking you, I’ll test is after the long weekend

We have about 8 proxy servers that I need to test for performance/speed issues, hence why I’d like to not use the global env var

Regards, Daniel