Plans for Influxdb2 compatible client libraries

Hi we have working with influxdb for long time and also contributed with some influxdb related tools like:

And also planning migration to influxdb for some other collectors like this one for weblogic.( first made to send metrics to graphite)

We are worried about how much work should we spend to adapt our tools to influxdb2.
We have seen that the old influxdb client has been moved to a new location GitHub - influxdata/influxdb1-client: The old clientv2 for InfluxDB 1.x . Now we will need a new influxdb2-client.

How long show we wait for golang/java client libraries ??

Would be nice ( at least at write level) if you could create a new influxdbX-write-client, with support for both versions, to help developers the migration process.

Because the InfluxDB 2 API is very different and previously we didn’t have officially supported client libraries, we’re starting new libraries for 2. Other than the Go library, all the other language libraries under the influxdata Github organization will remain in place. The only reason the Go one moved is because it was housed in the InfluxDB repo so it had to move with the switch over to the 2.0 line.

We should have a Go library up by February 8th or so. It will live at GitHub - influxdata/influxdb-client-go: InfluxDB 2 Go Client. We should also have a Javascript library up around the same time at GitHub - influxdata/influxdb-client-js: InfluxDB 2.0 JavaScript client. We have another team working on an officially supported Java library and that will live at I would expect it to follow 2-3 weeks after the Go library goes up.

So all your InfluxDB 1.x based stuff should continue to work, other than switching the Go one over to where that moved. The transition to move over to InfluxDB 2.x would be to use the new libraries, which we will be supporting.

For example, in Telegraf we have output plugins and we created a new output plugin for influxdb2 specifically. So Telegraf is able to write to both 1.x servers and 2.x servers at the same time.

is there a documenation of the v2 API somewhere? I found the swagger schema but I couldn’t find the information about the token based authentication.

Any update on the client java library?