Persist the date and time into Cloudwatch as field

Hello all,

I have python program outputs the field value as “2022-08T13:44:25+0.00” which converting this value into epoch and then nano secs. The value is getting persisted in cloud watch. But I am not able to plot graph (time series) against the field and other tags.

What is the expected format persist the date and time. ? Anyone recommend me please ?

Hello @girish_babu,
I’m confused you’re using python and Cloudwatch?
I this doesn’t seem to be a question related to InfluxDB or Telegraf at all. Id recommend reaching out to the respective communities.

Hi @Anaisdg

I am using Telegraf plugin [[inputs.exec]] which calls python program and it prints date and time as field value. I am interested to know what format I need to convert it so that i can view that value in Grafana.

I hope this clear to you.


Hello @girish_babu,
But you’re writing the data to Cloudwatch?
That would be a Cloudwatch question then. I can help with issues related to telegraf or writing data to InfluxDB.