Pb with Map -> no display

Hi, i’m a new user of Influxdb and I try to it use to produce maps. I have a pb with that component :

When I use data which contain lat and lon fields my map remains black. I have the same problem with the example of influxdb (usgs earthquake data). Can someone help me ? thx. ( I have installed influxdb with docker)

@Lafayette map visualizations aren’t supported in InfluxDB OSS yet. There is a version that has a selectable and configurable map visualization, but this is a bug. In order to use a map visualization, you have to integrate with a map tile server/service. The backend necessary to do this has not yet been implemented in OSS.

However, the map visualization is available in InfluxDB Cloud.

:frowning: Thx for your answer.

Thanks, that’s answered my question/problem too. Any timescale for when/if this will be available in the open source release? Folks I’m developing for want everything on their own systems.