Map creation in influx


I have latitude, longitude and 2 measure columns in sql server, I am trying to create a map in influx by using query from sql server to influx, but not able to create map in influx. I can able to see the data when I try to create a table. How to create a map in influx?


Hello @AVVS_Sudheer,
whate version of InfluxDB are you uisng?
Have you seen the following documentation?

Are there any specific steps you’re stuck on?
Can you please provide me with more detail on what you’ve tried and what erros youre getting? Thanky ou

Hi Ana,

sql.from() is working fine and I can able to get the data from sql server. But trying to create a map with latitude and lontidue it is not working. I am using influx 2.1 ver