Out Of memory when SELECT * FROM LIMIT 1 on 128GB host (Influxdb 1.2.4)

Issuing the following query makes the consumed RAM jump from 1.6GB to 126GB, then pumping the whole 1GB swap then issuing a Go memory message (either Unable to allocate memory, or Out of Memory) :
My data directory is 6.6GB in size.

I used the following snippet to gather debug data. Will send it to InfluxDB team in pm as needed :
for i in block goroutine heap profile; do curl -sL -o influxdb-debug-$i.txt "http://localhost:8086/debug/pprof/$i?debug=1"; done && for i in $(seq 6); do curl -sL -o influxdb-debug-vars-${i}0s.txt "http://localhost:8086/debug/vars"; sleep 10; done && tar -cvzf influxdb-debug.$(hostname).$(date +%s).tar.gz influxdb-debug-*.txt && rm influxdb-debug-*.txt

Obviously, this make the product completely useless. Any help appreciated !

The same query with InfluxDB 1.2.4 returns a result but the used memory jumps to 106GB and keeps at that value even though the query finished.