OPCUA method call

Hello to all,
Is it possible to implement an OPCUA method call in Telegraf and store the output in InfluxDB?
For those who are familiar with the opcua plug-in and Go, do you think it’s achievable with a simple modification to the source code?

Thank you

Hello @alxgan,

You might find this resource valuable:

Thank you Anaisdg but I can not grasp why an opc2mqtt bridge configuration be valuable to the possibility of integrating an OPCUA method call (with arguments) in the OPCUA telegraf plugin? Can you please point me to where to look in your link?

Have a look on this product TigoLeap: Machine Optimization & Data Collection - CoreTigo.
It supports identifying methods within an OPC-UA server and browse the entire OPC-UA tree, use method calls with parameters and push the result to influxDB.

I can share more information if needed.

@alxgan not a OPCUA expert but I don’t think Telegraf currently supports this. We only support subscribing to nodes (opcua input plugin) or listening for data changes (opcua_listener input plugin). PR to add this functionality is welcome… :wink:

Thank you @srebhan . I was waiting an answer from you :smiley:. I will PR as soon I learn how.
Meanwhile I will try a Python approach.