Handling extensionObjects in telegraf opcua plugin


I want to use telegraf agent to transfer data from opcua server to influxDB.
The opcua servers I have to connect to publishes some data as complexDataTypes (ExtensionObjects). Trying to read these extensionObject nodes I get the error message:
E! [inputs.opcua] Error in plugin: get Data Failed: RegisterNodes Read failed: opcua: invalid extension object with id ns=4;i=5086
Can anybody assist me in configuring telgraf opcua plugin to be able to handle extensionObjects? Is it possible at all? what alternatives exists?

Hi @dkost,
So I had a look at the OPC-UA client code and it does not look like we currently support Extension Objects yet. We would need to look to implement a decoding mechanism and mapping function for the nested values kept within the Extension Object.

I have created a feature request on Telegraf which if you wouldn’t mind adding your use case to would further push the support.

In terms of the current workaround. The Telegraf OPC-UA client is built upon the gopcua repository which does have modest support for Extension Objects though I still believe it’s a feature being actively worked on. You could potentially look to add your objects if known and compile your own version of the Telegraf binary.