OAuth Authentication / Authorization



I know Chronograf supports OAuth for authenticating users: cf this link.
Is this support planned for InfluxDB2 GUI?
If so, is there a date estimation for when it will get integrated?

I find it overall difficult to get information on InfluxDBv2 roadmap.

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Hi Pmazon ,
I don’t know , I just reply so that your post does not go unnoticed … :slight_smile:


I’ll speak to our product team, but I suspect this won’t be in the first GA release of InfluxDB 2 (though I could be wrong).

I’ll let you know what I find out.

Thanks, MarcV; your comment reminded me about this one.

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Thank you MarcV & rawkode.
I look forward to what you’ll find out.


Hi @pmazon,

As I suspected, this won’t be in our first GA release.

Could you open an issue (https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb) with your suggestion? This will allow our product team to keep you informed :+1:


Alrighty, I submitted an issue in github.
Reference is here.

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