Not getting data for "Memory Clerk", "Database size", "Database latency" , "OS Volume", "CPU" in SQL server using telegraf

Not getting data for “Memory Clerk”, “Database size”, “Database latency” , “OS Volume”, “CPU” in SQL server using telegraf.

Note: We are able to get data for " Performance metrics", " Wait stats", Database IO, Database properties from SQL server. But we are not able to get any data from the requested above objects ( “Memory Clerk”, “Database size”, “Database latency” , “OS Volume”, “CPU”).

Could you please help us in the process on how to get the data for the requested objects from SQL server.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Ravi Kishore

Hi @rkishore , welcome !

can you tell me the telegraf version you are using ?
According to the doc there should be statistics available for the ones you mentioned …

Hi @MarcV ,

Thanks for the response.

Because of the access restrictions for my account the reply got delayed.

Currently we are using Telegraf version of 1.10.0.

Please suggest us on how to get the mentioned missing metrics with the latest telegraf.

Best Regards,
Ravi Kishore

In the below Article

It was mentioned like

Optional parameter, setting this to 2 will use a new version

of the collection queries that break compatibility with the original


query_version = 2

So as per the above article some metrics are not present in the version 2 which are present in the version 1.

Could you please let me know what are the major differences between version 1 and version 2.

To get all the metrics of version 1 and version 2 what needs to be done?

the Requested “Memroy Clerk”, “Database size”, “Database latency”, “Os volume”, “CPU” are present in version 1 only. So if I would like to get these metrics using version 2 what needs to be done?

Since we do use always latest versions, is it possible to get these metrics with version 2?

Note: Currently I am using version 2 in telegraf.

Please help me in this.