Not getting data for "Memory Clerk", "Database size", "Database latency" , "OS Volume", "CPU" in SQL server using telegraf


Not getting data for “Memory Clerk”, “Database size”, “Database latency” , “OS Volume”, “CPU” in SQL server using telegraf.

Note: We are able to get data for " Performance metrics", " Wait stats", Database IO, Database properties from SQL server. But we are not able to get any data from the requested above objects ( “Memory Clerk”, “Database size”, “Database latency” , “OS Volume”, “CPU”).

Could you please help us in the process on how to get the data for the requested objects from SQL server.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Ravi Kishore


Hi @rkishore , welcome !

can you tell me the telegraf version you are using ?
According to the doc there should be statistics available for the ones you mentioned …