Influx and inputs.sqlserver

I setup collecting data from my mssql. Everything was fine. But i change account for SQLSERVER service from NT Service\SQLSERVER to mydomain\acc and then i collect only few data from sql server.

It is possible to somehow fix?

I try to search so error, but it seems everything fine.

Thank you

I don’t think that makes a difference, to get the data from SQL Server you just need a login with the following permissions (you can use either a domain or SQL user):

USE master;

if something is wrong with the data gathering you will see appropriate errors on the telegraf side…
What do you mean with {...} collect only few data from sql server? what’s missing?

Please give us some details to go on.

For example:

  1. How would you connect to the old service using any generic client?

  2. How do you connect to the new service using any generic client?

  3. What was your inputs.sqlserver configuration for the old service?

  4. What have you changed this to for the new service?

  5. What error messages are you getting either on the client or the server end
    when you now try to conect to the new service?

  6. Have you confirmed that the expected data is actually going IN to the new

Bear in mind that we know nothing about your setup; we can only offer
suggestions based on the information you give, so the better and more
comprehensive that is, the more likely someone here can help you.


I use same local acc “telegraf”
Soo i need change in config to domain acc?

Only change what I make is change acc to SQLSERVER service.

Config is same. I see in Grafana some graph but no everything before changes in services.

A screenshot of your Grafana dashboard tells me nothing about what’s missing.

I understood that you changed only the service user of SQL Server, and since Telegraf is unchanged I doubt the issue is on its side.

I suggest you manually query the missing counters (I’m assuming some perf counters are missing), because that’s the only metrics that sometimes “disappear” or get"weird values", but that’s not SQL Server fault, as they come from the OS (usually Windows).

I suggest you do the following:

  1. Identify the missing counters
  2. Query the counters manually (to ensure they have values)
    3a. If the counters are fine, the issue is Telegraf related (I doubt that’s the case) and you will find help here
    3b.if the counters are missing go and search on the web on how to fix them, you’ll find several guides

In the picture you can see that it was graphing and it stopped after changing account in service.
Soo i try to searching in SQL side.

Thank you

The domain acc must be in SSMS add as member in DB_DDLADMIN and then works everythink :slight_smile: