Not able to restore --full influxdb after full raspbian install


I’m running influxdb v2.4 on my RaspBerry PI4.

I had a power shootdown and my Raspbian fully crashed, not able to start back.
I have chance because I’m doing Influxdb backup every night and copy to Cloud automatically.
And my admin Token saved :wink:

I install back a fresh Raspbian 64 bits and influxdb v2.5.

When I try to restore, the restore does not start.
I’m typing following command line

influx restore /var/lib/influxdb/Backup/20221214_0113 --full --token "XXXX7FkSIdRt1ci9oNPSDLUbpj0gk7G_d9-auS5o_eMX2ssr0lPwvcOgJK7qPAqYPW701C-6berKIkWN08yNLA==”

but the restore does not start, I got line with ‘>’ character

Please can you let me know what can be the issue, why the restore does not start ?

Thanks in advance, I real hope that I will be able to recover my 2 years data

Hello @Franck_Bellot,
I’m not sure. @Jay_Clifford do you have any ideas here?

Hello @Anaisdg

I have missed to update my topic. It looks that my Token copy/past was not well done, I do not know what is the root cause.
But when I have done the copy/past of the token clicking on ‘Copy to clipboard’ button the issue does not appear again.
It looks that the mouse selection of the token and copy/past via windows feature does not well copy the token value.
All is back to normal, thanks for your support

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