Need help getting data into influx from hubitat

hello everybody im looking to use influx to collect long term data to use for energy efficiency projects. right now i use hubitat as my hub and they have a community app that sends data to influx but for some reason i cannot get it to work. hubitat influx app says that its unauthorized as an error. i have influxdb running on docker inside unraid server and im able to set up bucket and i can see my API token but i dont see a place for this token in the hubitat app, it only asks for my user name and password. anyways i would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions

the app installed inside hubitat is this :InfluxDB-Logger/influxdb-logger.groovy at master · HubitatCommunity/InfluxDB-Logger · GitHub

Welcome to the community.
Which influxdb version do you have installed in docker/unraid?
I suspect you installed InfluxDB 2.x and the hubitat plugin is for the previous InfluxDB 1.x version.

hey franky. this is correct. i have influx 2.0 on unraid as that is the only version that pops up . im wondering if there is a way i can install the 1.x version on unraid or if there is a way to fix the code on the hubitat app to add the necessary authorization requirements. i have zero experience with code, im just good at figuring out how to make stuff work but it ends there. thanks for the reply

EDIT: i figured how to downgrade to lower than 2.X influxdb on unraid. i wills ee if this works. i would rather have the lastest update and figure out what code changes would need to be made for the hubitat app to be able to work with 2.x .

Of course, you could rewrite the Hubitat plugin for InfluxDB 2.x, but for that you need to be able to program and know the Groovy scripting language.

It would probably be easier to install the latest InfluxDB 1.x in Docker/Unraid. I can’t help you with Unraid, but if Unraid supports Docker containers, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Have a look at the Github repo for the groovy plugin, after a very quick peek I think there might already be issues, branches or pull requests for InfluxDB 2.x support.