Necessary permissions for "experimental/usage"


I’m trying to use usage.from() from experimental/usage, as described on this page.

When using an all-access API token, it works. But for obvious reasons I do not want to use such wide permissions to run basic checks. I could not find any information about the permissions necessary to run this function; I also did a bit of trial and error to no avail… everything else than an all-access token will fail with a 404 error on that query…

What are the permissions necessary to run experimental/usage functions?



@ya3xp Currently, it does appear that an All-Access token is required to view usage metrics and limits in InfluxDB Cloud. I agree that there should be a permissions set specific to this action. I’ve gone ahead and created an issue for it. You can track it here: Add permissions specific to reading usage and limits in Cloud · Issue #23018 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub.

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