InfluxDB2, token permissions

Hi, I’m testing the use of tokens to access the InfluxDB2 API, but inall requests that I tried, I got the message
{ "code": "unauthorized", "message": "unauthorized access" }

I’m suspecting that this problem is related with token’s permissions. When I checked the permission in InfluxDB2 UI, none of access permission summary is checked (you can check it in the pictures), even when I create news tokens with “All access token” option.

So, how can I create tokens with all the access permissions checked?

My case: none os permissions are checked. Why? How?

Hello @rljoia,
That view shows the permissions listed under that token–so it looks like that is an all access token :). You can always try creating a new all access token. That option lives here in the UI.

Example when permissions are checked: