Naming or tagging ping url's


Is there a way to name/tag ping url’s in either telegraf or chronograf? A simple url/ip doesn’t make it easy for knowing what it is without some type of friendly name/identifier.



You can add tags on a per plugin basis in Telegraf, but it would require you to split out your urls. Here is an example:

  urls = [""]
    name = "google-dns"

  urls = [""]
    name = "opendns"
ping,url=,name=google-dns packets_transmitted=1i,packets_received=1i,percent_packet_loss=0,minimum_response_ms=14.195,average_response_ms=14.195,maximum_response_ms=14.195 1502308775000000000
ping,url=,name=opendns packets_received=1i,percent_packet_loss=0,minimum_response_ms=13.657,average_response_ms=13.657,maximum_response_ms=13.657,packets_transmitted=1i 1502308775000000000

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Awesome! Thanks for the response!