My simple config not work please help


Hi All,

I am a newbie to Telegraf and simple config file (~/telegraf/telegraf.conf) is as follows:

file(s) to tail:

files = ["/tmp/test.log"]
from_beginning = false
name_override = “test_metric”

For parsing logstash-style “grok” patterns:

[inputs.logparser.grok] patterns = ["%{myIP}"]
custom_patterns = “myIP (?:[0-9]{2})”

Files to write to, “stdout” is a specially handled file.

files = [“stdout”]

I had issued the command:
telegraf --config ~/telegraf/telegraf.conf

and then:
echo ‘ GET /index.html 15824 0.043’ >> /tmp/test.log

Nothing print out to the screen.

Please shed some light.
Thanks a lot in advance


I see two issues, first the pattern needs to match the full line, but your regular expression only matches number with 2 digits. The second issue is that you need to name patterns you want to collect:

patterns = ["%{myIP:ip}"]

Test the current pattern with:

echo 42 >> /tmp/test.log

Thanks a lot for this suggestion