Multiple RP has different Data

Hi All,

I have a question on Retention policies and need clarification.

I have created 2 retention policies and one of them is a default one.

create retention policy RP1D on DB duration 1d replication 1 Default
create retention policy RP2D on DB duration 1d replication 1

When I am trying to insert data all data is getting inserted to RP1D which is the default one and data get queried also. But when I am trying to run query using non-default RP it is showing 0 rows.

When I am inserting using the Non-Default RP and insert data that data can be queried using the Non-Default RP but that data can not be queried by using the Default RP.

Is it means that if we have different RP , we will be keeping different copies of data and those data can be queried the RP where we have ingested data?

Please clarify.