Multiple Aggregation Period


I am using Grafana as dashboard and InfluxDB V2.7 as my database.

Currently I am aggregating my data every 1 min. However I face the issue of error 500 when the window period becomes too big and 1 min seems too much to query. I do not want to have unknown aggregation period. and thus thinking of if 1min is too small it automatically will switch to 1hr aggregation period.

Anyone has experience on this?

Hello @ZE_RU_ENG,
Your aggregation window is switching to 1hr randomly?
Or your range function?

Either way I’ve never heard of the flux code or those functions failing like that. If I’m understanding you correctly you should file a bug.

If the issue is that sometimes you have a lot more data than other time and so you want to change your aggregation window according to the volume you’re a little bit out of luck.

Fortunately most people perform downsampling because they need a way to manage their time series data. Luckily the engineering team is working on rewriting the OSS storage engine so that you don’t have to worry about really large volume use cases. And it can handle unlimited cardinality.

3.0 Edge is coming soon :slight_smile: