Monitoring of disc usage

I have been trying to google/reading documentation, but cannot find any relevant information.
I`m wondering if InfluxDB have some build in functionality to avoid that the HD gets full? Or some recommended external tool that can help out with this?
I have limited hd space on my target and it varies how much data that gets insersted into InfluxDB. So hard to base this on a retention policy on time.

If you install and enable Telegraf, it automatically collects this data and stores it in InfluxDB.

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Thanks for the reply David.

My issue is that the system is installed on a remote location without access to the internet, so I have no option to monitor this myself. So I was wondering if there already exsisted functionality/tools that monitored hd space and automaticly removed the oldest data in addition to the time based retention policy. As a extra safety mechanism to avoid filling up the hd.

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I think your best bet is to write either a TICK script or a UDF that deletes files when disk usage goes above a certain %. Which files you delete, of course, is up to you.

You could, alternatively, write a TICK script that lowers the retention policy on a given measurement when disk size (or the size of that database) gets too large.

Having InfluxDB delete files by itself is fairly fraught with peril because determining which files, or measurements, are critical is really only something that you can determine.