Mergin two backups in one database

Hi there,

I have two Backups of the same Database (influx : version 1.6.7~rc0)
1 is from Feb2023 until 13. August 2023. I have a Backup made with: "influxd backup -portable -database Datenbank1 /backup"
Then my system broke and instead of restoring it i made a new infux installation with the same values. So my second Backup and the running system is from 14. August 2023 until now.

How can I merge the Data from the old Backup into my new Database? The content ist the same, but with different Timestamps…

Greetings Sebastian

Hi @Seb01,

One way to handle this would be to restore the backup to a temporary instance. Then you can use the influx_inspect utility to export the desired data from the old backup. Once you’ve exported it, you can write it back into your new database.

Hi @DanCamp

thar sounds like a plan.

Do you mean to restore the old Backup in a differen Database? E.g. my Database is called “A”, I restore it to s database called “B”?
I can do that…

But i have no plan of the rest.
Is there a step by step instruction how to use the influx_inspect utility to export the desired data?

And how do I write it back to the existing Database?

BR Sebastian