Merge data between tags

Hi All,

I am new on this DB world, so sorry for dumb question. I have an influx database with several temperature measurements with different device and id. I need to merge them into one:

need to copy data to

I was able to copy the whole table with INTO, but I don’t know how to declare the destination into specific tags and fields.

Any suggestion highly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Hello @djsomi,
Thanks for your question. Are you looking to do a join perhaps? You can perform joins with Flux. What version of influxdb are you using? You’ll have to use at least 1.7.6 to enable flux. I recommend taking a look at this example in the spec and this blog for examples on how to perform a join in influx :slight_smile:

It’ll end up looking something like

join1 = join(tables: {t1: table1,  t2: table2}, on: ["_time", "_field"])
join2 = join(tables: {t3: table1,  t4: table2}, on: ["_time", "_field"])
join_final = join(tables: {j1: join1,  j2: join2}, on: ["_time", "_field"])

*multi-stream joins are coming soon IMPL#83