Measurements don't drop

I run "DROP MEASUREMENT “Cal_Eye.Device.S1.Press” from the CLI, but then when I run show measurements it’s still there. What am I doing wrong? I really need to fix this ASAP. Please help! I’ve tried this using the REST API as well and the same thing happened.


I’m on V1.2.2 as we can’t support 1.3 yet.

Is there any chance new data is being written to that measurement as (or after) it’s being dropped?

I wish it were that simple. I tried shutting down anything I could think of that could write to that. But it definitely seems like something deeper. Because if I try to delete it a 2nd time it tells me the measurement doesn’t exist… but then it still shows up!


Can you reproduce this from scratch on a new database? If so, post the repro steps and we’ll create an issue for it. I haven’t been able to reproduce this locally.