Mean() query issue

Hey All,

Have just started using InfluxDB for an app we’re building, I’ve got data being logged to the database periodically. When I query it (In Chronograf), it looks like this (every single value is the same):

SELECT (“value”) FROM “database”.“autogen”.“value_performance” WHERE time > now() - 1h

Time: value
10/21/18 09:26:28AM: 982343693503254300
10/21/18 09:26:38AM: 982343693503254300
10/21/18 09:26:48AM: 982343693503254300

When I then aggregate that data using mean(value), I get some strange values:
SELECT mean(“value”) FROM “database”.“autogen”.“value_performance” WHERE time > now() - 1d GROUP BY time(1h) FILL(null)

Time: value
10/20/18 03:00:00PM: 226971586971248130
10/20/18 04:00:00PM: 1807070662085442
10/20/18 05:00:00PM: 11759572777970990

Now, I’m fully aware that this is probably something I’m doing wrong, but I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has any ideas on how I can fix the issue :slight_smile:

Side note: when I aggregate using 1m interval, it returns the expected values.

I guess the way I expected it to work is that it would place all values into a “bucket”, and then calculate the mean based on the value and number of entries within that bucket…


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Any ideas?

The value is 982343693503254300 every sample for the entire last day?

Yes, I’ve actually created a github issue, as even just calculating mean() without any grouping results in a seemingly incorrect calculation.