Matching outputs to inputs

I intend to have multiple [[inputs.mqtt_consumer]]'s & [[outputs.influxdb_v2]]'s, and need to ensure that each output, only processes a single matching input.
So in the example below, only topics mybridge/data/sensors will be sent to the temperature bucket.
And the same applies to other inputs & outputs.

# # output configuration for incoming mqtt msgs
   urls = ["https://my-server:8999/"]
   token = "XYtzjexhtbFmsbk4hgGfhg34gyg34h434jggzptRQ1xBFkU4jtessb7BEbPYMQSl3uFK81o3VwJvZNQ=="
   organization = "my server"
   bucket = "temperature"

# # Read metrics from MQTT topic(s)
   servers = ["tcp://localhost:1883"]
   topics = ["mybridge/data/sensors",]
   topic_tag = ""
   qos = 0
   username = "zen"
   password = "mypassword"
   data_format = "json"

I’ve read other posts and the docs, but can’t get my head around namepass and how its is used, if indeed that is the correct approach…

You will want to use either a namepass or tagpass on the outputs, see the selectors docs

If you have two metrics for example:

metric,tag=sensor1 value=42
other,tag=sensor2 value=21

Using namepass:

# only for metrics called "metric"
  namepass = ["metric"]

# only for metrics called "other"
  namepass = ["other"]

Is that more clear? I think showing what your metrics actually look like would help if you wanted more examples.

Or using tagpass:

# only for sensor1 tagged metrics
  tagpass = {"tag" = ["sensor1"]}

# only for sensor2 tagged metrics
  tagpass = {"tag" = ["sensor2"]}

@jpowers - my mqtt message is an array of json objects like this;

      "temperature": 19.9,
      "humidity": 60,
      "battery": 2.9,
      "rssi": -50,
      "time": 1681312968333
      "tag1": "node23",
      "tag2": "sensor"

…and have numerous similar messages using "tag2": "sensor", but the tag1 varies, such as node25, node26 etc.
All of the "tag2": "sensor" messages should be processed by the same output, but which should disregard others, such as;
“tag1”: “voltage”,
“tag2”: “diverter”

What is your goal? Have any tag2 = sensor to go to one output, but not others?

Yes. All "tag2": "sensor" to go to the one output, and eventually to the same bucket.

Then I would do the following:

# only metrics with tag2 == sensor go to this output
  tagpass = {"tag2" = ["sensor"]}

# everything not matching tag2 == sensor go to this output
  tagdrop = {"tag2" = ["sensor2"]}
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Thanks Josh, that’s clear now, and it works exactly how I hoped.
After the reading I did earlier, I think I was expecting it to be much more complicated than that, but it’s pretty straightforward really.

I appreciate your help.

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