Mapped Network Drivers


I need to monitor mapped network drivers from a NAS device. I can map them all on a windows or linux server, yet I couldn’t find a way to monitor 'em. Do you have any suggestions?


have a look here, it’s an issue on GitHub but in my comment you will find a Powershell script that gets the disk space and serialize the data in order to send them using Telegraf, you may need to edit it to get what you need.

Be warned that the powershell script has some issue when it comes down to error handling (at least when is called form telegraf) so you will need to test it manually and ensure that it works.
I have an open question about that but nobody has answered yet…

Can you provide some more information about what kind of NAS device you are using, and what exactly you would like to monitor? For example, disk space, reads/writes, SMART status, etc.?

If your NAS runs Linux then installing Telegraf and using the Disk, DiskIO, Hddtemp, or Smart plugins would be an option.

Actually I don’t control the NAS device. I’m only using it, so I don’t have much information and I may not be able to install agent on it. All I need is to monitor Disk Space of the main shared folders.

Telegraf has the ability to execute custom scripts using the Exec input plugin, that might be your best option if you don’t have access to the server.

Alternatively, if the NAS is exposing that information over HTTP, you might be able to use the HTTP input plugin to scrape the data.

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