Machine Learning integration or Anomaly detection with Kapacitor?




I’m interesed about Machine Learning integration (tensorflow, etc) or if there is something internal implemented in InfluxData solution.

I’ve read a little about:

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The only built-in function that’s relevant is a basic prediction model in Kapacitor.

I would suggest watching this webinar, where a third-party ML company explains how they work with Influx.


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Try this repo for Tensorflow integration.


Thank you, I’m interested on this topic.

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Hi @Anaisdg, the tutorial is interesting, but it is not clear how to use it in production and how to integrate it with Kapacitor. Which is the workflow?


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You would write a UDF script that would include tensor flow and then you would configure kapactor to run it. Try taking a look at this. Please let me know if this clarifies things. Also, if you’re interested in making predictions, I suggest taking a look at the built in holt-winters predictor.