Logging not working properly

Recently i enable logging with access-log-status-filters [4xx and 5xx], I received logs with 4xx and 5xx successfully, but and i receive 2xx logs also

here’s my conf

log-enabled = true
access-log-status-filters = [“4xx”,“5xx”]
format = “logfmt”
level = “error”

kindly help me out

Hello @vicki
Did you do a restart after?
sudo systemctl restart influxdb

You can write a small script to confirm the configuration was applied correctly by querying InfluxDB’s HTTP API.

curl -G http://localhost:8086/debug/vars | jq '.logging'

Thanks for your response,
The problem arises only when the influx is restarted
When a sequence of data attempt to write in influxdb while restarting, leading to unexpected behavior like generating 2xx status codes (e.g., 204 No Content) instead of 4xx errors.

|> “POST /write?db=us4_zvp_sqm&p=%5BREDACTED%5D&rp=four_days&u=metric HTTP/1.1” 204 0 “-” "Java/