Returning 204 status when no data is being written



We just started using InfluxDB in earnest in production and we’ve run into a scenario about once a week where InfluxDB logs show nothing but 204 status codes for writes(good) but in fact no data is being written. Restarting InfluxDB clears this problem and then it continues on it’s merry way.

I am setting up some monitors to let me know when the write operations fall to 0 but I am curious why no errors are logged, I have no place from where to start troubleshooting this issue.

version=1.6.0 branch=1.6 commit=62ab18a0f43ee342b84debaaae5486b8b2d8682c


I just switched over to TSI indexing and noticed my memory usage is now flat instead of constantly increasing so perhaps that will fix the issue. Still unclear why no errors are generated in the logs during a failure condition however.