List of timer metrics as regex pattern to graph as bar chart

Hi folks,
I’d like to implement a set of metrics which reflects how long is a collection sitting in an “orphanage”.
This means I would have an arbitrary number of items which get put aside and then after a while exit this state.
I’m using micrometer as a library.
In my initial reasoning, I’m thinking of doing a bit of bookkeeping, create a set of Timer meters, when a new element is added to the orphanage I create a new timer with a unique name time_in_orphanage_ID and set it to -1 at first.
Then when the element exits the orphanage I push a new metric setting the total time in the orphanage.
After a while I do some cleanup of the metrics using .remove() which is a micrometer method.
As this means I will have a list of time_in_orphanage_* metrics that changes in time, is this something Influx can graph and what would be the best way to graph it. I was thinking of a classical Bar chart with each item represented as a bar on the x axis and total duration of time in orphanage on the y axis.
How would I prevent showing bars which are expired for a long while?

In alternative, I don’t think it’s possible to add a dimension with micrometer on a Timer but if that was possible I might have been able to have one metric time_in_orphanage and then a id:1234 pair for every timer but I guess this would cause the famous dimension explosion?

Hello @schrepfler,
We’re working on supporting trace data but it’s not ideal atm.

Thanks for the update!

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