Large Gb tsm files from small Kb data

Hello. I am running Influxdb OSS 2.0 on ubuntu server. I just discovered large tsm files as I was migrating data to a new Influxdb installation on a different server. I am receiving data from a sensor which has transmitted less than 2 GB in 2 years but influxdb tsm files make up to 90 GB. I have 3 more telegraf docker containers querying different data on the main bucket and outputting on different buckets. I was estimating this to be max 3 GB. Any help in debugging or solving the problem will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @Cyrus_Jomo,
I’m really not sure, but this thread might point to something (like maybe you’re creating a lot of series in InfluxDB with a poor schema design or some of the final points in the last post of this thread):

I’ll try to get some help on this as well.

I solved it by removing a big tsm file in /var/lib/influxdb/engine/data copied by another developer. Thanks for the response.

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