Kapacitor: Tags in GroupBy Node

Hi there,

Can someone explain to me what this sentence mean?

“Only tags that are dimensions in the grouping will be preserved”


A GroupByNode will group the incoming data. Each group is then processed independently for the rest of the pipeline. Only tags that are dimensions in the grouping will be preserved; all other tags are dropped.

Source: GroupByNode documentation

Many thanks.

Hmm, I believe that is an erroneous and out dated statement. Kapacitor preserves the tags per point independent of the group by dimensions. Can you file an issue on github to update that description to be accurate?

Thanks for the clarification. Yep will file an issue.

Sorry for bumping this post, but first it seems that the documentation is not updated.
Further I’m looking for a way to achieve just that regd. dropping tags. How can I achieve this through a TICK script without using GroupBy?