Join stream with different tag name


I have 2 stream I try to join in Kapacitor.
They have multiples tags both and I group on two tags each.

The first tag has the same name for both stream, the second one has a different name but the value sometimes match.
This join does not output any results. I guess this is because of the tag name ?
If I group the second stream only on the first tag (the one who has the same name) and I join the two streams, I have some results.

Is it the expected behaviour ?
How should I bypass this tag name limitation ?

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The join node joins data on the group by tags and time. If you do not want to join on a tag do not specify it as a group by dimension.

Could you provide some example data of what you are trying to do?

Sorry I never did send you some data. We manage about multiple tries to make it work but did not really find the final understanding about why sometimes it works and sometimes not. Even the case I describe here we had a counter example later. Join are definitively tricky but so far we manage to make them work.