Kapacitor query


I’m working on a projekt with Kapacitor and InfluxDB. i have to compare the two last values enterred into the database. for that a build two query. The first return the last element. that is easy.

The second is the folowing : SELECT * FROM temperature_cuisine ORDER BY time desc limit 1 offset 1
this one return the second last element.

How can i use ORDER BY … DESC LIMIT … OFFSET with kapacitor ? I’ve find some response but only for GROUP By…

anybody as an idea ?

Thank’s for help!

code of the query :

var secondLastValue = batch
|query(''' SELECT *
    as oldTemperature
    FROM "mayen"."autogen"."temperature_cuisine"
    ORDER BY time desc limit 1 offset 1

Hello @templier1994,
Have you had a chance to try the query.offset ?

thanx for response
querry.offset only work with time ?