Kapacitor flux alert migration

Plan to phase approach migration from influxdb 1.8 to influxdb 2.0

As last time, I tried process crash with flux script in grafana dashboard using influxdb 2.0. I still see no solution on my other thread

So I keep influxdb 1.8 added flux support, migrated kapacitor and chrono ot latest version.

After many trials, manage to sent alert to our internal. Chat tool and email. However my current tick script are using state duration and statechangeonly.

It seems those function are only support using flux an influxdb 2.0.

Therefore phase approach migration to migrate first hundred alert to flux and see for grafana query later is not even an option…

Can someone confirm above is correct statechangeonly and stateduration work only with influxdb 2.0

Monitor.deadman work with 1.8 and flux enable

Hello @martial,
I believe you’re correct. I’m sorry about that.