Kapacitor / chronograf alerting


I found a tutorial describing how to setup alerting with influxdb on chronograf. It displays the time series section and the section to enter a query to select the fields needed. The version we are running does not give you that option to add a query, only to select the measurement and field. I want to be able to monitor the values of a field that is filtered based on another field, something like this:

SELECT attr_value FROM "streamDB"."default"."jmx_metrics" WHERE "beanName" = 

The alert will then monitor that bean value (attr_value). Is there a way to do this or get the query box?


Is beanName a tag key?


No I did not include it as a tag; its defined as a field. Thanks for your response


Would having it as a tag value be better?


I added the tags and was able to create the filter using that tag and field value.


Awesome! Glad to here it works.

Thinks of tags as something to filter by and fields as something to graph/view