Kapacitor alert not working for threshold data in table

I have data flowing into a dashboard represented in a table and couple gauge charts. I tried to setup an alert for one of the values to fire if it goes above a threshold. It does not seem to fire even after testing with different values and 0 values as well.

Can you show us the query that is being run?


Thanks for responding.

var db = ‘testDB’
var rp = ‘default’
var measurement = ‘ops_message_data’
var groupBy = []
var whereFilter = lambda: TRUE
var name = 'DASH-TEST ’
var idVar = name
var message = ‘Consumer Group:{{ index .Fields “consumer_group” }}’
var idTag = ‘alertID’
var levelTag = ‘level’
var messageField = ‘message’
var durationField = ‘duration’
var outputDB = ‘chronograf’
var outputRP = ‘autogen’
var outputMeasurement = ‘alerts’
var triggerType = ‘threshold’
var details = ‘The consumer group lag has exceeded reasonable limit.
Consumer Group:{{ index .Fields “consumer_group” }}’
var crit = 100
var data = stream
|eval(lambda: “lag”)

var trigger = data
.crit(lambda: “value” > crit)
|eval(lambda: float(“value”))
.tag(‘alertName’, name)
.tag(‘triggerType’, triggerType)

That is the tickScript. The actual query is the following:

SELECT "lag" FROM "testDB"."default"."ops_message_data" WHERE time > now() - 30m AND "consumer_group"='firehose.transform' AND "messageType"='POST' GROUP BY "consumer_group"

This data is tagged to a dashboard gauge graph

Please, really need help with this. Any ideas as to why this does not work.

Hi ,
the output of the following may help …

the data collection interval in telegraf

select count(*) from “testDB”.“default”.ops_message_data
wait for 10 seconds and do the same statement again

kapacitor stats ingress |grep ops_message_data
wait for 10 seconds and do the same statement again

kapacitor show DASH-TEST

kapacitor record stream -task DASH-TEST -duration 60s
kapacitor list recordings

best regards ,

Sorry for the very delayed response:

I did the first 2 and the result was the same. kapacitor show DASH-TEST did not work. I gather that you are trying to gauge whether the data is frequently changing or not? Any other ideas I could try?