Kafka Consumer input - getting data only once and not after that

Hi everyone. I am using Kafka as input plugin. The problem happening is i am able to get data only for first time, but then even after data being there in Kafka, i am not getting in InfluxDB. Suppose if i change bucket name in influxdb output, then for first time data is going. But for timestamp after that, data is not going. Here is my telegraf config -


brokers = [“brokerip:9092”]
topics = [“Onecell_PM_Data_Stream”]
topic_tag = “”
version = “2.7.0”
consumer_group = “group1”
compression_codec = 0
offset = “oldest”
balance_strategy = “range”
max_message_len = 1000000
max_undelivered_messages = 1000
data_format = “json”
json_strict = true
json_time_key = “beginTime”
json_time_format = “unix”
tag_keys = [
json_string_fields = [“fields”]

Any suggestions what changes i should do?

Any logs from telegraf you can share? Same for Kafka end