Just Getting InfluxDB To Work RIght as v1 and Database Mapping

I am trying to set up Grafana to use the UCS dashboard utilizing InfluxDB and Telegraf. I got to the point where I see the data in Influx but can’t get it to work with Grafana. The queries are all in Influx 1.x. I am trying to set up a mapping to allow it to work correctly. However, it has been hoop after hoop. I supposedly set up a virtual mapping, but I don’t see it. How do I accomplish this, and configure it correctly in Grafana?

influx v1 dbrp create --org-id orgnumber --token tokenkey --bucket-id bucketnumber -db dbname -rp 240

Hello @skinfrakki,
Have you tried following:

You can use
influx v1 dbrp list
Then once you have verified that you have a database and retention policy (DBRP) mapping by listing DBRP mappings for your bucket then you can query:

I recommend using the InfluxDB CLI for all of this.
If you haven’t been using it the first step is to configure a CLI config: