Issue with "influxdb_v2_listener"

I’ve configured the " influxdb_v2_listener" to listen on 8081. It appears to work fine when the Telegraf container starts.

The container logs confirm that too
2022-02-04T20:40:57Z I! [inputs.socket_listener] Listening on udp://[::]:25826
2022-02-04T20:40:57Z I! [inputs.influxdb_v2_listener] Started HTTP listener service on :8081

The Telegraf container is attached to the “host” network

However, if I run “curl” I get 404 not found
If I do the same to 25826 I get
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 25826: Connection refused

Running “docker ps” does not show the container as exposing any ports.

What am I doing wrong or is this some kind of bug?

I am using the listener to relay metrics from Traefik to influxdb v2 and it keeps reporting 404 not found every 10 seconds

Thank you in advance

Hello @t481,
How did you start/configure your telegraf container?
An aside, are you aware of the debug flag for the telegraf agent? It could be helpful in the future.