Issue influxdb2 create v1 auth

Hi all, i see documentations:

and it bad…

in example said this:

# Create an authorization with read and write access to bucket 00xX00o0X001
# but only read access to bucket 00xX00o0X002
influx v1 auth create \
  --read-bucket 00xX00o0X001 \
  --read-bucket 00xX00o0X002 \
  --write-bucket 00xX00o0X001 \
  --username example-user

but need organizations and token.

so if i do this and create, only create the last bucket for me… not all…

for example:

influx v1 auth create \
--username xxxxxx \
--password xxxxxx \
--org xxxxxxx \
--token xxxxxxxxx \
--write-bucket 94ecd80d9df593e7 \
--read-bucket c25fb7fbca7f5e24 \
--read-bucket 94ecd80d9df593e7 \
--write-bucket c25fb7fbca7f5e24 

i list what create:

 influx v1 auth list -t xxxxx
ID                      Description     Username        v2 User Name    v2 User ID              Permissions
093ebe3df2a90000                        xxxxx    xxxx    092a91c6b9564000        [read:orgs/f697015afb7c92e1/buckets/94ecd80d9df593e7 read:orgs/f697015afb7c92e1/buckets/94ecd80d9df593e7 write:orgs/f697015afb7c92e1/buckets/c25fb7fbca7f5e24 write:orgs/f697015afb7c92e1/buckets/c25fb7fbca7f5e24]

so dont work with me this… for have one auth with multi buckets read and write… any can help me? i have influxdb2 2.2.0

it done

update sudo dnf/yum update
—> Package influxdb2-cli.x86_64 0:2.2.1-1 will be updated
—> Package influxdb2-cli.x86_64 0:2.3.0-1 will be an update

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