Is there an official docker-compose.yml to start after playing with the sandbox?


I want to deploy a TICK Stack in my environment. I played a bit with the TICK Stack sandbox and this was very helpful.

I am now wondering if there is an “official” docker-compose file that I could use to start my project?

I did read in your documentation of the sandbox that the "The Sandbox is by far the easiest way to build the TICK stack, but it is not recommended for production use. "

I found this TICK Docker repository, but it doesn’t seem up to date.

What is the recommended way to start ? Shall I “copy” the configuration of the sandbox and start my own project?

Thanks in advance

Hi @skuallpa,

There is no “official” docker-compose file for the TICK stack. We do provide a Kubernetes Helm chart though:

While Docker Compose can be used in production, when using syntax v3 and deploying to Swarm, we have no recommended way of deploying to this stack.