Docker TICK Stack in Production


Just a simple question I need to ask. Is there any benefit running tick stack installed on linux directly than running in a container? Is there any downside going with container set up in production?


If you want to look at and example of Docker containers and the TICK stack, have a look at the Sandbox.

We run InfluxDB Cloud v1.x in Docker…and have for years. It works just fine for production workloads. We take advantage of all of the container benefits as a result.

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I have checked the sandbox, yet it says “not for production”. I’m using influxdb some telegraf instances and chronograf in docker already. I couldn’t figure out kapacitor in docker though. Then, I installed it directly.

I was just wondering other’s experiences. Thanks for the reply.

I was suggesting that you review your docker setup vs. what we did for the Sandbox to see if there were any “special” things that we might have done to make this work more smoothly.

The Sandbox specifically was setup for exploration and testing. But, to productional-ize it there might be some additional security related things that you might want to setup.

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