Is there a way to prevent duplicate insert into influxdb

I am inserting a measurement with a guid id as one of the tag like this,

insert cpu,id=acaf4a7d-9f2f-49d6-b87c-1101e76dc56d,asset=a1 value=10

Let say with same id , same asset=a1 and same value=10 I am inserting one more time same series,

insert cpu,id=acaf4a7d-9f2f-49d6-b87c-1101e76dc56d,asset=a1 value=10

Then I have duplicate data for the measurement with only different in time (of course)

Question is, since I have same id , can we prevent duplicate insert?

Since it is a different time, it is a different unique measurement. If you had the same time, it would just overwrite the previous measurement. In your case, I would be worried about who is the authority for the timestamp for the measurement. Why are they not the same if they are the same measurement.

Thanks @ kramik1. I just wanted to know whether it’s possible or not, but looks like by sending same timestamp we can ignore duplicates.